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British Square

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The object of the game is to free an ace of each suit to make four foundations, then to build them up by suit up to Kings, placing the second King of each suit and finally to build them down, again by suit, to Aces.

When building on the tableau, they can be built either up or down by suit. But once a card has been built, it indicates the direction of building on the column; it cannot go both ways. For instance, when the 8♥ is placed on the 7♥, the next card to be built should be the 9♥. If the reverse happens (7♥ over 8♥), the next card should be 6♥. The direction can be altered by having the top card of the sequence placed on an appropriate card and have all other cards on the sequence follow. Furthermore, building is not round-the-corner; i.e. a sequence can be built only up to Kings/down to aces.
Cards can be moved one a time. Any empty column is filled with a card from either from the stock or from the wastepile.

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