Parlez-vous Francais?


1Elegant and stylish (4)
3An informal term for a father (4)
6An award for winning or doing well in a competition (5)
10Broadcast of news (9)
11Wanderer (5)
12Describes rock formed under conditions of intense heat (7)
13A long formal letter, often intended to provide instruction ( formal ) (7)
14Water falling from clouds (4)
16The capital of the Bahamas (6)
18Perceive by sight (3)
21Hard-shelled object laid by bird (3)
22Preparation that is applied to the skin for cosmetic or medical reasons (6)
23Examine someone's knowledge of something (4)
25A remedy for all ills or diseases (7)
27Having recently appeared or become fashionable (7)
29Clean with hard rubbing (5)
30Mouth harp (9)
31To follow closely after something (5)
32Not having a sharp edge or point (4)
33Just what is specified and nothing more (4)


1A French caretaker of apartments or a hotel (9)
2A resident of Iowa (5)
4Subordinate to or helping another person (9)
5Passageway between seating areas (5)
6Used as a French courtesy title; equivalent to English 'Mr' (8)
7Small cup of strong black coffee without milk or cream (9)
8A small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter (5)
9A theatrical performer (5)
15Possessing cleverness and imagination (9)
17A wicked or evil person (9)
19The group following and attending to some important person (9)
20A menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices (1,2,5)
24Funny quality (5)
25Out of fashion (5)
26Any of various small plant-sucking insects (5)
28Selected as the best (5)