Happy New Year 2005


1All the _____ stations play the top songs of the year (5)
4Many people set off _______ to celebrate the New Year (9)
9Burn slowly and without a flame (7)
10Large water bird with pouched bill (7)
11Relating to or characteristic of the profession of law (5)
13Famous New York location for celebrating the New Year, ____ Square (5)
16A young child (3)
17Lots of _____ is played at New Year's Eve parties (5)
19The adult male singing voice above baritone (5)
20The beginning or early stages (5)
22Related to camels but smaller and lacking a hump (5)
23Unhappy (3)
24Covering of turtle (5)
26Praise, glorify, or honor (5)
28A female heir (7)
30A reeling sensation; feeling about to fall (7)
32Pop the corks and let the _______ flow (9)
33College Football teams play their bowl ______ on New Year's Day (5)


1Make a New Year's _________ (10)
2A temporary shortage of rainfall (7)
3Ring out the ___, Ring in the new (3)
4The New Year begins on January _____ (5)
5Type of music (3)
6Droops (5)
7Nocturnal mammal native to North and Central America (7)
8Auld Lang ____ (4)
12Restrict or confine, as to area, extent, time, etc. (5)
14A place that attracts many visitors (5)
15Long established customs (10)
18Find the solution (5)
19Make fun of somebody (5)
21Enduring strength and energy (7)
23A large structure for open-air sports or entertainments (7)
24Woolly usually horned mammal related to the goat (5)
25A barrier constructed to contain the flow or water (5)
27Elegant and stylish (4)
29Droop (3)
31Equip with sails, masts, etc.; of ships (3)