A Hodgepodge of Things


1Movie theater (6)
5Handgun (6)
10Showing extreme, destructive, or uncontrollable force (7)
11An accomplished musician, conductor, or composer (7)
12To stand around without any obvious purpose (6)
15Be owned by; be in the possession of (6)
16A baby from birth to four weeks (7)
17An open vessel with a handle and a spout for pouring (4)
18Close (4)
19Broad-minded: tolerant of different views and standards of behavior in others (7)
20Traditional dress in the Highlands of northern Scotland (4)
22A small island (4)
25People or animals that are adopted by teams as symbolic figures (7)
27Relating to, done with, or involving the hands (6)
28A nonflammable inert gaseous element that is colorless and odorless (6)
31Taking no sides (7)
32Make tough or tougher (7)
33An adequate or more than adequate amount or quantity (6)
34Relating to or typical of winter, especially in being cold (6)


2Admire fanatically (7)
3Being one more than ten (6)
4Insects living in colonies (4)
5Large American feline resembling a lion (4)
6Country in Scandinavia, in northwestern Europe (6)
7The way that something turns out in the end (7)
8Being of delicate or slender build (6)
9Large wild cat (6)
13Performance of music or dance especially by soloists (7)
14Not being present (7)
15Distance from side to side (7)
20Traditional Japanese garment (6)
21Consisting of or related to language (7)
23Move like a snake (7)
24Small northern weasel (6)
25Mature woman (6)
26Small shiny clothing decoration (6)
29A theatrical performance of a drama (4)
30A dish of meat, fish, or vegetables, or a combination of them, that is cooked by slow simmering (4)

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