Begins with M


1A fabric made with yarn made from the silky hair of the Angora goat (6)
4Figurative language (8)
9Being ten more than eighty (6)
10Cutting implements (8)
11An object similar in shape to a ball (6)
12Clothing designed to be worn by men (8)
13Without great height (3)
14To charm, fascinate, or captivate somebody (6)
17A man who serves as a sailor (7)
21To amend a text in order to correct, update, or improve it (6)
25Informal terms for a mother (3)
26A person appointed to carry out the terms of the will (8)
27The third sign of the zodiac (6)
28Become bigger or greater in amount (8)
29Dry red Bordeaux or Bordeaux-like wine (6)
30A military training exercise (8)
31Fiery mass of rock from space (6)


1A person authorized to conduct religious worship (8)
2A member of a criminal's entourage, or somebody whose status comes from supporting a politician (8)
3Internal communication system (8)
5Avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of (6)
6Give help or assistance (6)
731st President of the United States (6)
8An area where many people go for recreation (6)
12Computer display device (7)
15The most common computer memory (3)
16Of a female (3)
18(military) signal to wake up (8)
19Delicate and intricate ornamentation (usually in gold or silver or other fine twisted wire) (8)
20A negotiator who acts as a link between parties (8)
22A very light colorless element that is one of the six inert gasses (6)
23Flashing light for ships (6)
24Chest of drawers (6)
25A preparation used in hair styling (6)

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