"Su"per Duper


1Used as a sweetener (5)
4To yield: She__________to temptation and ate the chocolate (9)
9Lamp used for tanning (7)
10To believe or imagine something to be the case (7)
11Thoughts to be presented as a suggestion (5)
13Gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth (5)
15A large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (3)
16Sick (3)
17A long noosed rope used to catch animals (5)
19Trucks consisting of a tractor and trailer together (5)
21Offensive or even (of persons) malicious (5)
23The visual property of something that shines with reflected light (5)
24Weep convulsively (3)
25 A star that is the basis of the solar system and that sustains life on Earth (3)
26Abounding with sunlight (5)
28An edging of small loops, as on lace or ribbon (5)
29To elect someone again to a particular position (2-5)
31An imaginary creature represented as a white horse with a long horn growing from its forehead (7)
33Rich and superior in quality (9)
34Leather with a napped surface (5)


1Mistrust or doubts (9)
2Marked by refinement in taste and manners (7)
3Radio Corporation of America (3)
4Of the highest quality (5)
5Columbia Broadcasting System, a US television broadcaster (3)
6The higher of two berths (5)
7The flowers of stone fruit trees and of some other small plants (7)
8An insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or studying excessively (5)
12A light two-wheeled vehicle for one person; drawn by one horse (5)
14Large northern deer with enormous flattened antlers in the male (5)
18A female given name, a form of Susanna (5)
19The first light of day (5)
20A kind of matter or material (9)
22A ray of light emitted by the Sun (7)
24A complex carbohydrate found in many plants and used as a sweetening agent (7)
25Rides the waves of the sea with a surfboard (5)
26Paid out money in exchange for goods or services (5)
27Belonging to you (5)
30Also (3)
32Possessive form of "it" (3)

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