"For" Words


1Have the financial means to buy something (6)
5Woods (6)
10Surrendered as a penalty (7)
11Small ring-tailed mammal (7)
12Relating to or using sight (6)
15Used to indicate quickness, often with an element of magic (6)
16Spanish equivalent of Mrs.(plural) (7)
17Adolescent (4)
18Percussion instrument (4)
19Of, relating to, or being the central government of the United States (7)
2038th President of the United States (4)
22Appendage (4)
25A witty saying (7)
27Refuse to comply (6)
28Detonate (3 3)
31Moves air in or out of something (3,4)
32Located, suited for, or taking place in the open air (7)
33A campaign aimed to correct abuses or malpractices (6)
34Be unable to remember (6)


2A large amount of wealth or prosperity (7)
3Dramas set to music (6)
4Information for computer processing (4)
5Military compound (4)
6To happen many times or to happen again (6)
7Radio or television advertiser (7)
8Use of physical or mental energy (6)
9Tell somebody something (6)
13An acknowledgment (usually tangible) that payment has been made (7)
14Of another country (7)
15Loose-fitting nightclothes (7)
20Suitable to wear for an important occasion (6)
21Obtain or arrange in advance (7)
23Form of an element with the same atomic number (7)
24Earlier in time; previously (6)
25The basic monetary unit of Portugal (6)
26Experienced adviser and supporter (6)
29Unsolicited e-mail sent in bulk to many different people (4)
30Game with ball and clubs (4)