1/4DLow temperature (5,4)
4Used as a substitute for diamonds in jewelry. (6)
9Make something available again, such as a book or record (7)
10Itallian rice (7)
11Traditionally served in the winter, especially at Christmas (6)
14Extremely cold (6)
15Computing: One million bits (7)
16A tiny or scarcely detectable amount (4)
17Lodges (4)
19Mexican alcoholic drink (7)
20Something played for fun (4)
22Trade (4)
24Dazzling or radiantly bright (7)
26Northern polar region (6)
27Artillery soldier (6)
30To run a computer file or program in response to a command (7)
31Never growing or seeming to grow older (7)
32Feeling cold (6)
33Characterized by the presence of snow (5)


1_______ Jones's Diary (7)
2Gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease (6)
3Cry (4)
4See 1 Across
5Vacation place (6)
6Eight-sided shape (7)
7Extremely cold (8)
8The sensation produced by low temperatures (4)
12A pharmaceutical product that does not have a brand name or trademark (7)
13Begins 10 days after the winter solstice (7)
14Made of metal or composite material, used to fill a cavity in a decayed tooth (7)
18To prevent something from happening (8)
21A tragedy by English playwright William Shakespeare (7)
23Chilly, cold, bracing, freezing, icy, bleak, frosty, nippy, bitter (7)
24Relating to vision or sight (6)
25Menís formal clothing (6)
26Measurement of surface (4)
28A charge imposed and collected (4)
29In the Roman Catholic Church, the religious ceremony of the Communion (4)