Words with "E" and "V"


1Something that happens at a given place and time (5)
4A plant having foliage that remains green throughout the year (9)
9Site of the Grand Canyon (7)
10Wearing away by friction (7)
11A large body of water (5)
13Call forth; of emotions, feelings, and responses (5)
15Miniature breed (3)
16Primate with short tail or no tail at all (3)
17Choose somebody by vote (5)
19A communications device used to connect computers by a telephone line (5)
21Avoid or try to avoid, as of duties, questions and issues (5)
23Near or closer to the center (5)
24Used for public transport (3)
25Thus or so, used within brackets to indicate that what precedes it is written intentionally (3)
26(informal) very good (5)
28Joint that fastens door to frame (5)
29Time available for ease and relaxation (7)
31Transmitting aerial (7)
33To happen as a final result ( formal ) (9)
34Face or endure with courage (5)


1Lose or cause to lose liquid by vaporization (9)
2Look of strong dislike (4,3)
3It takes ___ to tango (3)
4Wipe off (5)
5Adam's wife (3)
6Mitt (5)
7Forced a tenant to leave a property (7)
8Poor enough to need help from others (5)
12A daughter or your brother or sister (5)
14Frequently (5)
18A group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status (5)
19Windy month (5)
20Be naughty and troublesome (9)
22Contains historical records and documents (7)
24A sudden happening that brings very good fortune (7)
25Find the solution (5)
26Crouch down low (5)
27Go away from a place (5)
30Distinctive period of history (3)
32The bill in a restaurant (3)