Jack Frost's Season


1Child’s toy vehicle for snow (4)
3Low temperature (4)
6Of short duration (5)
10Instrumentalists including string players (9)
11A republic in S Asia (5)
12Naturally effervescent mineral water (7)
13Small swift graceful antelope (7)
14Pod used as vegetable (4)
16A street of small shops (especially in Orient) (6)
18(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous (3)
21Drawing showing route or location (3)
22Be a sign or indication of (6)
23Mix ingredients (4)
25Covering for the hands (7)
27Shows routes (4 3)
29Strong rope or wire (5)
30Riding horse (9)
31A mixture of rain and snow (5)
32Become less clearly visible (4)
33Computer memory unit (4)


1Widespread snowfall accompanied by strong winds (9)
2Do better than all others or than a given standard (5)
4Offer hospitality (9)
5Large reddish-brown ape (5)
6A storm with widespread snowfall accompanied by strong winds (8)
7Permissive, tolerant, or humoring somebody’s wishes (9)
8A crystal of snow (5)
9Take by force (5)
15Having a good reputation (9)
17Invertebrate animal (9)
19Low space in a wall for fire (9)
20Able to stick firmly to a surface or an object ( formal ) (8)
24Deciduous tree with winged seeds (5)
25Mimics somebody (5)
26Worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth (5)
28Temperamental (5)