'Super' Bucs


1Not often happening (4)
3Super Bowl XXXVII winners (10)
10Football (7)
11A silk band formerly worn on the left arm of somebody administering the Eucharist (7)
12Make an effort (7)
13Home of the Raiders (7)
14Disinclined to work or exertion (4)
15Dwelling in which somebody lives (9)
18The smallest continent (9)
21Beer (4)
24A sign posted in a public place as an advertisement (7)
26Full of or expressing deep emotion (7)
27_______ and between (7)
28Oakland Raiders possess the league's No. 1-ranked ________ (7)
29Somebody in charge of a railroad yard (10)
30A space reserved for sitting (4)


1Make or do or perform again (6)
2Boat races (7)
4Contrary to expected behavior (9)
5A burger, fries, and drink (5)
6Designed to reduce or prevent skidding (7)
7Give reason for something (7)
8Rapider, quicker (8)
9Hardly adequate (6)
16A type of sedimentary rock made up of particles of sand (9)
17Home of the Buccaneers (5 3)
19A player who takes the field for a team at the beginning of a game (7)
20Lifelike artistic representation (7)
21Lacking fresh air (6)
22Tampa Bay Buccaneers possess the top-rated _______ (7)
23Computer program that requests data (6)
25Showers with love; shows excessive affection for (5)