Gung Hey Fat Choy! (Wishing you prosperity and wealth!)


1Liveliness and energy (3)
3People born in a ram year strive for ________ with nature (11)
9A man who rows a boat, especially as part of a team of rowers (7)
10Footstool (7)
11Fostering feelings of pride (5)
13The Chinese observe the ______ new year (5)
16February 1 ushers in the year of the ____ (3)
17Used as a sweetener (5)
19Not soft or yielding (5)
20Slightly sticky to the touch (5)
22A particular kind (as to appearance) (5)
23Enemy (3)
24Rock (5)
26White heron (5)
28People born in the year of the ram strive for _____ with nature (7)
30Someone who saves something from danger or violence (7)
32 an object placed in the middle of something as decoration (11)
33The sense organ for hearing (3)


1The Chinese serve yu sheng to bring good luck and __________ (10)
2To act (7)
3A woolen cap of Scottish origin (3)
4Declare invalid (5)
5Status ___ (3)
6Bury, entomb, lay to rest (5)
7Violating principles of right and wrong (7)
8Pull, or move with a sudden movement (4)
12Lighted by or as if by twilight (5)
14Showing a lot of courage or foolhardiness ( informal ) (5)
15Somebody who takes part in exciting or risky activities (10)
18Hearty enjoyment (5)
19A strainer (5)
21A feeling of humiliation due to disappointment about something (7)
23Chinese _______ cookie (7)
24Stir up or tend; of a fire (5)
25Suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious (5)
27Elegant and stylish (4)
29Bark in a high-pitched tone (3)
31Female pronoun (3)