1Fill a ______ one through nine in each of the squares (6)
5A mysterious number ______ (6)
10Confident about personal abilities or other qualities (7)
11The least possible (7)
12Mayonnaise-based sauce for fish (6)
15Based on the meter as a standard of measurement (6)
16Someone who works with their hands (7)
17Numbers placed in line (3)
18Organs of sight (4)
19Relating to a husband or wife (7)
20Mix ingredients (4)
22Body of salt water (3)
24Put into a proper or systematic order (7)
26Turn aside; turn away from (6)
27Live in a tent (6)
30Someone who makes garments (or fabrics) by intertwining yarn or thread (7)
31Egg-shaped terra-cotta instrument with a mouthpiece and finger holes (7)
32Use a _____ to complete the puzzles (6)
33A linear array of numbers one above another (6)


2Loosen by turning (7)
3The act or process of putting something underground (6)
4A journey in a vehicle driven by someone else (4)
5Large American feline resembling a lion (4)
6A remark delivered with great skill and speed, especially a sharp and perfectly timed witticism or criticism (6)
7Primitive eellike freshwater fish (7)
8Su Doku is easy to learn, tough to ______ (6)
9In Su Doku puzzles "_______" are little bunches of squares (6)
13A defensive fortification made of an earthen embankment (7)
14Liked by a person or group of people (7)
15A motley assortment of things (7)
20Mysterious number puzzle (6)
21A statement of money owed for goods or services (7)
22A large structure for open-air sports or entertainments (7)
23Each of the numbers 1-9 must _____ only once in each row, column and block (6)
24At or near the north pole (6)
25Have something as consequence (6)
28Using speech rather than writing (4)
29Reserve Officers Training Corps (4)

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