From C to shining C


1A clergyman or other person in religious orders (6)
4A model of automobile manufactured by General Motors (8)
10The snail-shaped tube in the inner ear (7)
11Small round bright-colored and spotted beetle (7)
12Elegant and stylish (4)
13Aromatic oil used as an insect repellent (10)
15Departs (6)
16Giving up or yielding (7)
20Harsh or corrosive in tone (7)
21Device for taking photographs (6)
24Unusual or striking (10)
26Money in the form of bills or coins (4)
28A particularly difficult or baffling question or problem (7)
29Of skull (7)
30Most inexpensive (8)
31A health facility for outpatient care (6)


1A trademarked cola (4-4)
2(Mexican) tortilla (9)
3Not in action or at work (4)
5Any substance that can cause an allergy (8)
6A native or inhabitant of Indonesia (10)
7An identifying or descriptive marker (5)
8High quality grape brandy (6)
9Small room on a ship or boat where people sleep (5)
14Suppression of published or broadcast material (10)
17Surgery (9)
18Strongly fortified buildings in or near a city, used as a place of refuge (8)
19Church based in the Vatican (8)
22Someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments (6)
23A timepiece (5)
25A pale color between purple and blue or pink (5)
27Phone (4)