Pause and Reflect


1Appearing quickly and temporarily on a computer screen (3-2)
4Deserving of the highest esteem (9)
9A highly representative example of a type, class, or characteristic (7)
1016th. President of the United States (7)
11Likeness seen or produced (5)
13Subject of discussion or composition (5)
16Night before (3)
17Honesty, sincerity, or integrity (5)
19A Latin American dance (5)
20Of a light brown to brownish orange color (5)
22To become burdened with something such as a debt (5)
23The residue that remains when something is burned (3)
24A bottomless gulf or pit (5)
26Heavily loaded (5)
28Mythical one-horned horse (7)
30As expressed in hundredths (7)
32Yellow-flowering bush that come out in early spring (9)
33A craftsman who works with stone or brick (5)


1The third Monday in February is _________ Day (10)
2Member of mammal order (7)
3An athlete who plays for pay (3)
4Prevent from happening (5)
5A million dollars ( slang ) (3)
6Row of mountains (5)
7Extend in scope or range or area (7)
8An immeasurably long period of time (4)
12The process of recording something on a computer (5)
14A system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct (5)
151st President of the United States (10)
18The state of being one (5)
19A variable color averaging a deep pink (5)
21Soldier, fighter (7)
23Gettysburg _______ (7)
24A state of acute pain (5)
25A shade of brown with a tinge of red (5)
27End of sleeve nearest wrist (4)
29Indefinitely large numerically (3)
31Random-access memory (3)