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1Combination of several components e.g. burger, fries, and shake (5)
4Ventilated buildings used for the storage and drying of corn (9)
9A football player who tackles the ball carrier (7)
10Something prescribed for a patient that contains no medicine (7)
11The power to direct, shape, or otherwise influence things (5)
13Smooth flat sheets of rock sharply angled to the horizontal (5)
15United Parcel Service (3)
16Larry, ___ & Curly (3)
17Small donkey used as a pack animal (5)
19To bestow holiness on somebody or something in a religious ceremony (5)
21Impudent or disrespectful (5)
23A basic food made from flour, water, and yeast mixed together and baked (5)
24Gone by; or in the past (3)
25National Broadcasting Company (3)
26A strong yellow color (5)
28Praise, glorify, or honor (5)
29Dirty or greasy marks (7)
31The Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects (7)
33To obtain a subscription to a magazine, newspaper, etc. (9)
34Mops something, such as a floor or deck (5)


1Underground tunnels with recesses where bodies were buried (as in ancient Rome) (9)
2A microscopic organism, especially one that transmits a disease (7)
3Nocturnal bird of prey (3)
4Edges between a sidewalk and a roadway (usually forming part of a gutter) of a street. (5)
5Tear (3)
6Worn, esp. by cowboys, to protect the legs from thorny bushes (5)
7A chunk of frozen water in the shape of a cube (3,4)
8People regarded as arrogant and annoying (5)
12A cat with a grey or tawny coat mottled with black (5)
14Brick made from earth and straw and dried by the sun (5)
18Spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation (5)
19Small distinctive piece of fabric, metal, or plastic worn on clothing to show rank or membership (5)
20A popular cut of beef (5,4)
22To die from an illness or injury (7)
24A state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico (7)
25Structures in which birds lay eggs (5)
26Possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers (5)
27Run away secretly with one's beloved (5)
30Glide over the surface of snow or water (3)
32Possessive form of "it" (3)

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