Leap Ahead


1The expensive dark brown fur of the marten (5)
4Adjourn (6)
9An instance of intense bargaining (7)
10Small hardy range horse (7)
11Involving cross-country skiing or jumping (6)
13A man who rows at the bow of a boat (6)
14People who play the game of golf (7)
16An involuntary intake of breath through a wide open mouth (4)
17Leap ____ (4)
18Believing the worst of human nature and motives (7)
19TV show, Quantum ____ (4)
21An arch used in croquet (4)
24In Hebrew tradition, one of the seven archangels, and the angel of healing (7)
26Fate or destiny (6)
27The food and drink of the gods (6)
30A tide in the same direction as the wind (3,4)
31"One small step for man, One giant leap for ________" (7)
32Someone who owes money (6)
33See 7 Down


1Small brownish European songbird (7)
2An important person with considerable power or influence (6)
3Peepers (4)
4Incline (4)
5The universe thought of as an ordered and integrated whole (6)
6Speak haltingly (7)
7/33Leap Day is February ______ _____ (6,5)
8Drink containing egg and cream (6)
12Imitator (7)
13Extend in scope or range or area (7)
15Leap of _____ (5)
19With considerable certainty; without much doubt (6)
20Severely simple (7)
22Fast-running African flightless bird (7)
23A ceremonial procession including people marching (6)
24Stand firm (6)
25Rest on for support (4,2)
282004 is a Leap _____ (4)
29Used to express strong agreement (4)