"Wind"y Month


1To conclude something or to bring an activity to an end (4 2)
4Extracts usable energy from winds (8)
9A person of no influence (6)
10Worn and broken down by hard use (8)
11A range of mountains (6)
12Tube bringing air to lungs (8)
13By way of (3)
14To demand something noisily or desperately (6)
17Boring talker (7)
21A sultanate in northwestern Borneo (6)
25A hotel for travelers (3)
26Arriving at or coming towards a place (8)
27Filled with fear or apprehension (6)
28A self-governing part of the British Commonwealth (8)
29Brightly colored flower (6)
30Sail across water by standing on a board and holding onto a large sail (8)
31Out of breath (6)


1Fabric tube showing wind direction (8)
2A man who belongs to a titled aristocracy (8)
3Seaward pull of water (8)
5A peninsula in southwestern Europe (6)
6Treat or speak of with contempt (6)
7Make worse or less effective (6)
8The froth produced by soaps or detergents (6)
12Twisting and curving (7)
15Tear (3)
16Taxi (3)
18Drawings or writing that is scratched, painted, or sprayed on walls (8)
19Not gained by merit or labor or service (8)
20The direction from which the wind is coming (8)
22Section on computer screen (6)
23Sharpness of mind (6)
24Something done or given as compensation for a wrong (6)
25Inside (6)