H"op" To It


1Leave secretly to get married (5)
4A medicated candy for soothing a cough or sore throat (5,4)
9A person who has served in the armed forces (7)
10A flavored and carbonated drink, served cold ( informal ) (4,3)
11A shade of brown with a tinge of red (5)
13Moving and bending with ease (5)
15A small, mischievous, imaginary being (3)
16(file format), Really Simple Syndication (3)
17A summing-up of the main points of something previously put forward (5)
19Put or set (seeds, seedlings) into the ground (5)
21Plant with red flowers (5)
23Dough baked with a variety of toppings, often including tomato sauce and cheese (5)
24Large African antelope (3)
25Something curved in shape (3)
26King who turned objects to gold (5)
28A silky fiber obtained from the seed covering of a tropical tree. Use: stuffing and padding material. (5)
29To encourage somebody to greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity (7)
31Rich and superior in quality (7)
33The baseball fielding position between second and third base (9)
34Greek author of fables (5)


1Listen without the speaker's knowledge (9)
2Sea animal with eight arms (7)
3To make a mistake or be incorrect (3)
4An artificial waterway constructed for use by shipping, for irrigation, or for recreational use. (5)
5Trademark: United Parcel Service (3)
6Row of bushes (5)
7An accurate reproduction of an object (7)
8Presented on computer screen temporarily (3-2)
12A large number or wide range of people or things (5)
14Transparent brown gemstone (5)
18Dealt successfully with a difficult problem or situation (5)
19A mischievous trick or silly stunt done for amusement (5)
20Service station for trucks (5,4)
22Spanish artist who lived in France, Pablo _______ (7)
24Burrowing rodents (7)
25Incorrect, inappropriate, or not as it should be (5)
26Slightly wet (5)
27Small porch or set of steps at the front entrance of a house (5)
30Take in solid food (3)
32United States of America (3)

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