May end in "ST"


1To help somebody to do or accomplish something (6)
5Swarming grasshopper (6)
10Overly or tearfully sentimental (7)
11A large deep pit from which sand is excavated (7)
12Rely on somebody or something (6)
15Mexican dish (6)
16Secretive and calculating (7)
17A set of questions evaluating skill or knowledge (4)
18Upright pole (4)
19Someone who sees an event and tells what happened (7)
20The cardinal compass point that is at 90 degrees (4)
22A hand with the fingers clenched in the palm (as for hitting) (4)
25The science of matter and energy and their interactions (7)
27Rock-clinging mollusk (6)
28Abduct (6)
31Able to be dissolved in another substance (7)
32Wanting what somebody else has (7)
33The act of apprehending (6)
34The force used in pushing (6)


2Shapes from stone or wood or any other hard material (7)
3A land mass (smaller than a continent) that is surrounded by water (6)
4Very small (4)
5The item at the end (4)
6A strong heavy fabric, used for sails, tents, furnishings. (6)
7The highest female voice (7)
8In the middle of (6)
9To state that something is true, especially in a formal written statement (6)
13Great enjoyment and pleasure (7)
14A person who plays the piano (7)
15 Small thick clump of growing vegetation, usually coarse grass or sedge (7)
20Join the military (6)
21(of words) expressing closely related meanings (7)
23Describes rock formed under conditions of intense heat (7)
24Somebody who produces documents using a typewriter or computer keyboard (6)
25A small smooth rounded rock (6)
26Shiny grayish element (6)
29A structure that birds build to shelter their young (4)
30In order to prevent something happening, especially something causing fear ( formal ) (4)

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