Some letters are silent


1Small biting fly (4)
3Hinge joint in the human leg (4)
6Biblical book of 150 poems (5)
10Having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub (9)
11A chemical element, such as iron or gold (5)
12Word for word (7)
13To have an extremely large number of people in a place; Streets _________ with people (7)
14The state of owing money (4)
16A person honored by the sovereign for personal merit (6)
19Inside pant leg seam (6)
20A written proposal or reminder (4)
24An optometrist or ophthalmologist ( dated ) (7)
26A person with very odd, irrational ideas or behavior ( informal ) (7)
28To say or pronounce something (5)
29Raising people’s moral or spiritual level or emotions (9)
30A daughter or your brother or sister (5)
31An explosive device (4)
32A board on which advertisements can be posted (4)


1Used of old persons or old trees; covered with knobs or knots (7)
2Anything whatever ( archaic literary ) (5)
4The dresses all had plunging ________ (9)
5Brilliant success (5)
6Fully ripened sweet red pepper (8)
7A quality or characteristic that someone or something has (9)
8Speak unfavorably about (6)
9Wakes sleeper at preset time (5)
15A block made from charcoal (9)
17Winning of all major golf competitions (5,4)
18Delicate and intricate ornamentation (usually in gold or silver or other fine twisted wire) (8)
21An eight-sided polygon (7)
22A tall cylindrical vertical upright (6)
23A cutting instrument (5)
25The shortest thickest digit of the human hand (5)
27Russian pancake (5)