A Wee Bit of Irish


1Bucket (4)
3A hazy or indistinct representation (4)
6Said or done without having been planned or written in advance (2-3)
10Carries fumes from the muffler to the rear of a car (9)
11Hot chocolate (5)
12Engross (oneself) fully (7)
13Acquire or gain knowledge or skills (5)
15____ the Blarney Stone (4)
17Indicates that something is the right thing for somebody to do (6)
18Vine with lobed evergreen leaves (3)
20Carpet (3)
21The part of the body comprising the hip, buttock, and upper thigh (6)
22A quantity of paper (4)
25Girder (1-4)
26Upward slopes or inclines (7)
29A cry of approval as from an audience at the end of great performance (5)
30Decline in economic activity (9)
31A serious accident (5)
32To get together with somebody by arrangement (4)
33Continue in a place, position, or situation (4)


1Patron saint of Ireland, St. _______ (7)
2Fixed expression with nonliteral meaning (5)
4A mischievous elf in Irish folklore (10)
5A dusty pink color (4)
6A tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction (8)
7Producing a good profit (9)
8Supposedly magical stone in Ireland (7)
9Cricket is a popular ______ in Ireland (5)
14Typically a mentor, who criticizes or advises in a frank, sometimes harsh manner ( informal ) (5,5)
16Separate by race or religion (9)
19The national emblem of Ireland (8)
20The pot of gold is found at the end of the ________ (7)
23Something built of stone or brick (7)
24The Celtic language of Ireland (5)
27Person of exceptional holiness (5)
28St. Patrick drove snakes from Ireland by banging a _____ (4)