May the luck of the Irish be yours today!


1A county in Ireland; a humorous verse (8)
5Kiss the Blarney ______ (5)
9A large mass of land projecting into a body of water (9)
10A cravat with wide square ends (5)
11Sincere (7)
12Stop remembering (6)
14Pawn (4)
16Suffering from irrational fears (6)
18Steeped beverage (3)
20A large vessel for making coffee or tea (3)
21Fall down, as if collapsing (6)
22A circle of light around the sun or moon (4)
24Irish capital (6)
26Pain in the ear (7)
29Holding extremist views (5)
30Formal objection (9)
31The unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy (5)
32March 17th is St. _______ Day (8)


1A mischievous elf in Irish folklore (10)
2Noble’s house and land (5)
3Tenant (6)
4The process of selecting and wooing a mate for marriage (9)
5The national emblem of Ireland (8)
6Instrumentalists including string players (9)
7Consumes (4)
8Young of domestic cattle (4)
13Used to open cans (3 7)
15Music director (9)
17A female ballet dancer (9)
19A person who is loyal to their allegiance (8)
23More courageous (6)
25Near in space or time (4)
27Someone who is critical of the motives of others (5)
28May the ____ of the Irish be yours today (4)