"Spring" to Life


1The season of growth (6)
4Spring _______(scrubbing, dusting, washing, vacuuming) (8)
10A scarf worn around the neck (7)
11Wildly enthusiastic and emotional about something (7)
12Unique, singular, scarce (4)
13Chart of family information (6,4)
15Dried grape (6)
16Spring _______ (Turn clocks ahead) (7)
21Spring _______ (Slang. A young person) (7)
22A structure that is built above and across a river (6)
25Petty thief (10)
28Fitting closely but comfortably (4)
30A portable charcoal-burning brazier (7)
31An inscription on a tombstone (7)
32Spring _____ ( A series of exhibition games which precedes the regular season) (8)
33Military identification worn on a chain around the neck (3,3)


1A straw hat worn in American southwest and in Mexico (8)
2Restore something to good repair (9)
3Void (4)
5Candy on stick (8)
6A large number or wide range of people or things (5)
7Experience something unpleasant (5)
8Boat, train, or aircraft kitchen (6)
9Spring _____ ( vacation during spring term) (5)
14Bluish metallic element used as anti-corrosive (4)
17Having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat (4)
18Repetition of same sense in different words (9)
19A response that reveals a person's feelings or attitude (8)
20Small spiny animal (8)
23The end result or outcome of something (6)
24Spring _____ (A feeling of restlessness, or sometimes laziness, believed to be brought on by the coming of spring) (5)
26Venomous snake (5)
27An edible nut with a thin dark red shell (5)
29A large luxurious car; usually drive by a chauffeur (4)