"AP" In A Word


1Fruit with a central core, red, green, or yellow skin (5)
4Marked by a lack of interest (9)
9The system of transporting letters and packages in aircraft (7)
10Pacify: to say or do something in order to make somebody less angry or aggressive (7)
11A convex shape that narrows toward a point (5)
13Full of or covered with soap (5)
15Strike lightly (3)
16Take in solid food (3)
17Applauds (5)
19A variable color averaging a deep pink (5)
21A unit of girl or boy scouts (5)
23A large structure for open-air sports or entertainments (5)
24Bank identification number (3)
25Mentally quick and resourceful (3)
26Units of computer information (5)
28Short musical compositions with words (5)
29Candlesticks with flat sides to be hung on the wall (7)
31A building having a circular plan and a dome (7)
33A thin plastic film that sticks to itself (trade name) (5,4)
34With the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe (5)


1Rental unit (9)
2Fortification consisting of a low wall (7)
3A long period of history (3)
4A collection of maps in book form (5)
5Also known as (3)
6Feeling or showing pleasure, contentment, or joy (5)
7Used in farming (7)
8Costing little (5)
12Summarize briefly (5)
14Passageway between seating areas as in an auditorium (5)
18Separated in space or time (5)
19Worn, esp. by cowboys, to protect the legs (5)
20A painting, drawing, or photograph of scenery, especially rural scenery (9)
22Located, suited for, or taking place in the open air (7)
24A source that yields great riches or success (7)
25Nearest or farthest point in orbit (5)
26Meat from hog (5)
27Loop of material used as handle (5)
30Term of address for a man (3)
32A beverage made by steeping leaves in water (3)

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