All Fools' Day


1Make fun of somebody (5)
4Rashly or foolishly bold, reckless (9)
9Microscopic organism (7)
10The imitating of other people’s voices, gestures, or appearance, often for comic effect (7)
11Green when unripe and black when ripe (5)
13Reduce gradually (5)
16Strong chemical cleaner (3)
17Proportional relationship (5)
19Large black-and-white Chinese mammal (5)
20To stretch out physically or extend as far as a particular place or point (5)
22Country in southern Asia (5)
23A place that is a center of activity or interest (3)
24Disk used like money (5)
26A child, young person, or friend ( slang ) (5)
28Somebody whose interests are mainly intellectual and bookish ( informal ) (7)
30A state of great confusion, commotion, or disturbance (7)
32Iron pyrites, often mistaken for gold (5,4)
33Something funny said or done (5)


1Foolish behavior, nnonsense (10)
2Backup computer file (7)
3Inflated opinion of yourself (3)
4Group of naval ships (5)
5Unit of electrical resistance (3)
6Sense of ______ (5)
7Ring-tailed mammal (7)
8Toy with string wound on spool (2-2)
123rd planet from Sun (5)
14_____ to be an American (5)
15Tricks or deceives somebody through misleading statements or falsehoods (10)
18A prank, joke, or mischievous action or plan (5)
19Practical joke (5)
21At a quick and lively tempo (7)
23A North Atlantic fish (7)
24Adolescence, youth, young adulthood (5)
25Well-known (5)
27The foliage of a plant or tree (4)
29A musical composition for two performers (3)
31British rule in India (3)