Spelling Bee


1A pair who associate with one another (6)
5Having total power and authority (8)
9Very great in size, force, or degree (8)
10A person who is expert in the use of a bow and arrow (6)
11Highly skilled (12)
13A shaft on which a wheel rotates (4)
14Region of Scotland lying south of the Highlands (8)
17A strong feeling of anxiety (8)
18Not open (4)
20The size of a part of somebody's body, especially used to fit or make clothing (12)
23Very harsh or strict punishment (6)
24A bothersome annoying person (8)
25They participate in physical exercise, especially in competitive games and races (8)
26Descriptive headings (6)


2Be obedient to (4)
3Lasting forever or for a very long time (9)
4A change occurring as a direct result of action by somebody (6)
5A remarkable or successful achievement (15)
6Return of the ________ to Capistrano (8)
7Used to fasten or secure doors, especially ones operated by a key (5)
8Extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree (10)
12The feeling of lively and cheerful joy (10)
15Subordinate to or helping another person (9)
16Most jovial (8)
19Take a firm stand (6)
21Expand abnormally (5)
22Area unit (4)

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