Mind your P's and Q's


1Attractive (6)
5Literature in verse (6)
10Public-service corporation (7)
11Thin and bony (7)
12A reprimand or expression of criticism or disapproval (6)
15A soft felt hat (6)
16Writes carelessly (7)
17Open the mouth wide and take a long deep breath (4)
18Cut a design into something with acid (4)
19A cry of praise or adoration (to God) (7)
20One of four children born at the same time (4)
22Republic in southwestern Asia (4)
25Received private lessons (7)
27Member of nomadic Native American people (6)
28Perennial flowering plant (6)
31Manís neck garment (7)
32Easy or clear to see or understand (7)
33Large constricting snake (6)
34A dirty or disorderly place (6)


2Multicolored arc in sky (7)
3Contemplates, reflects, ponders (6)
4Something that repeatedly goes up and down (2-2)
5Speak to God or other being (4)
6Large keen-sighted diurnal birds of prey (6)
7Flatten pastry (4 3)
8Open area for mining (6)
9Deliver a sermon (6)
13Pastoral poem (7)
14Umbrella providing shade (7)
15Failed to get a passing grade (7)
20Attractively old-fashioned (6)
21The absence of any formal system of government in a society (7)
23To replace somebody on a shift or at a job (7)
24A usually colorless transparent crystalline mineral (6)
25Plant material used for a roof (6)
26Brave and adventurous (6)
29Abbreviation of Pennsylvania (4)
30Little noise like a baby bird (4)