Easter's on its way!


1Make everyone leave a place (8)
5Concurrence of opinion (6)
9Any bird having a musical call (8)
10Part of the sky containing the major constellations (6)
12Distinctive period of history (3)
13Period of rule (5)
14A branch or twig from a willow tree (5)
15Slightly open (4)
17To take part in drama, especially as an amateur (4-3)
20Arranged in a table or in columns and rows (7)
22Look searchingly (4)
25Silly or scatterbrained ( informal ) (5)
26The Easter ______ (5)
28 Much___ About Nothing (3)
29Beaten egg dish (6)
30Small individual iced cakes (8)
31Having a smooth, gleaming surface (6)
32Become undone or untied (8)


1The first Sunday after the full moon, following the vernal equinox (6)
2Happening once a year (6)
3Of the color of any of various natural brown earth pigments (5)
4Hunting dog (7)
6Candy Easter eggs and bunnies are made of this (9)
7Authentic piece of art (8)
8Color Easter eggs (8)
11Cut back the growth of, of bushes and trees (4)
16Easter candy (9)
18Characterized by diligent study and fondness for reading (8)
19A structure that supports the end of a bridge or dam (8)
21Any loose flowing garment (4)
22Short-legged flightless bird of Antarctic regions (7)
23Easter Bunny fills this (6)
24The child of your aunt or uncle (6)
27Any of several evergreen plants (5)