BACK Words


1Public road in town (6)
5A major South American river (6)
10Work, especially work that involves hard physical effort over a long period (7)
11_____- __ It's off to work we go (5-2)
12A shellfish with a rough irregularly shaped shell in two parts (6)
15A serviceman in the navy (6)
16The taking away or getting rid of something (7)
17Takes in solid food (4)
18Large numbers or amounts (4)
19Informal meals eaten outside or on an excursion (7)
20Either the left or right half of a body (4)
22Multi-fingered body part (4)
25Lower someone's spirits; make downhearted (7)
27Away from your own country (6)
28Winter hand warmer (6)
31An arc of colored light (7)
32A part of a broadcast serial (7)
33Commands given by a superior (e.g., a military or law enforcement officer) that must be obeyed (6)
34Imprints left on the surface that an animal walks across (6)


2The transportation of passengers by means of a local public transportation system (7)
3Used for removing pencil and sometimes pen writings (6)
4Speak (4)
5A dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain (4)
6A land mammal other than a human being (6)
7The hero of William Shakespeare's tragedy (7)
8(sports) the act of swinging or striking at a ball with a club or racket (6)
9Areas marked out on the ground which are used for playing sports such as tennis and basketball (6)
13No longer active in your work or profession (7)
14An area outside of cities and towns (7)
15Witty language used to convey insults or scorn (7)
20Flight of steps (6)
21Not as clean (7)
23Drawings and photographs, that are used in books, newspapers and magazines: (7)
24A unit of measurement for the fineness of silk or nylon or rayon (6)
25Play in or as if in water, as of small children (6)
26Naturally occurring silicon dioxide (6)
29Nocturnal birds of prey (4)
30A space reserved for sitting (4)

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