Somewhere With"in"


1Examinations administered at the end of an academic term (6)
5To have a feeling as if a lot of sharp points are being put quickly and lightly into your body (6)
10Regulates carbohydrate metabolism by controlling blood glucose levels (7)
11Enter uninvited (7)
12Upright piano (6)
15Not often (6)
16Flaking off (7)
17Related to onions (4)
18Smile (4)
19Small item of little value (7)
20The act of discovering something (4)
22A unit of length (4)
25(sports) the chief official (7)
27A quantity of people or things, especially a large quantity (6)
28Garment easy to put on (4-2)
31The first light of day (7)
32A statement of money owed for goods or services (7)
33Get or find back; recover the use of (6)
34The concluding part of any performance (6)


2To encourage people into greater efforts (7)
3Not awake (6)
4Produce musical tones with the voice (4)
5Very narrow (4)
6Spice (6)
7Wash (7)
8Long pieces of thin shiny material used as decoration, especially at Christmas (6)
9Any of various small animals or insects that are pests (6)
13Breed of small dog (7)
14A light that flashes on and off (7)
15Exhales spasmodically, as when an irritant entered one's nose (7)
20The ending of a contest (as a race) (6)
21A politician who is running for public office (7)
23Of or relating to a wedding (7)
24Get in the way of: (6)
25Eye part (6)
267-______ (6)
29A blood vessel (4)
30The shortest of moments ( informal ) (4)