Be it ever so humble.....


1"There's no place like ______" (4)
3A special festive occasion that typically includes food and entertainment (4)
6"Home is where the _____ is" (5)
10Body spin when dancing (9)
11To ward something off or keep something away (5)
12Giving an impression of being cold and unfeeling (7)
13Effusively or insincerely emotional (7)
14Like (4)
16"A man's home is his ______" (6)
20Clothing, worn on a particular occasion ( formal ) (6)
21Wild animalís den (4)
23"_______ begins at home" (7)
25Enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause (7)
27A mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated (5)
28Of worldwide scope or applicability (9)
29A series of hills or mountains (5)
30"Home Sweet ____" (4)
31Close (4)


1"He is ________ who finds peace in his home" (8)
2Great merriment (5)
4Somebody who escorts or serves another, especially bridesmaids escorting a bride (9)
5To or at the side of a ship, boat, or aircraft, especially at right angles to its length (5)
6A man with great or unusual strength (8)
7Horse with white hair and dark patches (9)
8A sharp hooked claw esp. on a bird of prey (5)
9Very appealing to taste or smell (5)
15One of the five boroughs of New York City (9)
17Political violence (9)
18A short sleeveless undergarment for women (8)
19Appearing to consist of or be covered in small grains or particles (8)
22Large black bird of crow family (5)
23Durable aromatic wood (5)
24Young person (5)
26One of a series published periodically (5)