Second letter "I"


1The distance from one side or edge of something to the other (5)
4A person who litters public places with refuse (6-3)
9Makes conscious effort to hear (7)
10A plait of braided hair (7)
11Rice cooked in well-seasoned broth with onions or celery (5)
13The ability to see; the visual faculty (5)
15An abbreviation of sister (3)
16Question word; what is the reason (3)
17A cleric in the Episcopal Church who is in charge of a chapel (5)
19We were ad_____ against staying longer (5)
21Somebody on horse or bike (5)
23The vertical part of a stair or step (5)
24Male possessive pronoun (3)
25A memoir written by Frank McCourt (3)
26A jewelled headdress worn by women on formal occasions (5)
28A stomach exercise (3-2)
29They appear to be real but are unreal or merely imagined (7)
31Be fully aware or cognizant of (7)
33To read or perform something such as music without having seen or practiced it beforehand (5-4)
34Measure of volume (5)


1Determination and self-discipline (9)
2To show messages, data, or graphics on a monitor, or appear on a monitor (7)
3A color or shade of a color (3)
4A series of related words, names, numbers, or other items that are arranged in order, one after the other (5)
5Money given for services rendered (as by a waiter) (3)
6Being one more than seven (5)
7Cooks in liquid (7)
8Breathing organs of fish (5)
12A United States bill worth 5 dollars (5)
14Young women (5)
18Approximately (especially of a date) (5)
19Contagious computer program (5)
20Vanish from sight (9)
22A cloth for washing dishes (7)
24A list of things or people considered problems to be dealt with in the near future (3,4)
25Used to indicate that a number is to be multiplied by another (5)
26Closely constrained or constricted or constricting (5)
27To broadcast something or be broadcast on radio or television (5)
30Perceive by sight (3)
32Be unwell, ill, or ill disposed (3)

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