The Best Things In Life Are Free


1Somebody not afraid to flout convention: Free______ (6)
5Fun game site: Free______ (6)
10Highway designed for high-speed traffic (7)
11Something given free of charge, especially a promotional gift (7)
12The act of wiggling (6)
15The philosophical study of moral values and rules (6)
16Move off central topic (7)
17Any long and difficult trip (4)
18Dubious or suspicious (4)
19Frozen food keeper (7)
20Nonmainstream religious group (4)
22A bluish-white lustrous metallic element (4)
25Make people obey something (7)
27Behaving badly (6)
28The 4th largest of Jupiter's satellites (6)
31A specified style of cooking, especially one that is notable for high quality (7)
32Lasting through all time (7)
33Unattached exercise weight: Free- _______ (6)
34Somebody who lives off somebody else: Free______ (6)


2Introductory piece of music (7)
3Money offered in return (6)
4Childrens playthings (4)
5 A plant of North Africa, its fiber is used in paper making. (4)
6Football shoes (6)
7Interrogate somebody after something has ended (7)
8Printing process using ink transfer (6)
9A close-fitting pullover shirt (6)
13Moves from one region or country to another (7)
14Ability to act freely (7)
15Concentrated plant extract (7)
20Right to express uncensored opinions: Free ______ (6)
21A lightweight rifle with a short barrel (7)
23Form of an element with the same atomic number (7)
24Without payment; "I'll give you this gratis": Free of ______ (6)
25Final part of something (6)
26Expressing triumph (6)
29Penny (4)
30Descend with unopened parachute: Free ____ (4)