A word that means the world to me


1"M" is for the _______ things she gave me (7)
5Enduring trying circumstances with even temper (7)
9Dark brownish-gray (5)
10A pledge that something will happen or that something is true (9)
11"O" means only that she's growing ___ (3)
12Gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease (5)
13"T" is for the ______ she shed to save me (5)
14Bush (5)
16Female lions (9)
19Willing to comply (9)
20"H" is for her_____ of purest gold (5)
22"E" is for her _____, with love-light shining (4)
24Fertile land in desert (5)
26Large Australian flightless bird (3)
27The immediate descendants of a person (9)
29"R" means _____, and right she'll always be (5)
30Lend dignity or honor to (7)
31Formally granted the right to hold an academic job until retirement (7)


1Women who are mature, sensible, and of good social standing (7)
2A person that washes clothes (9)
3Serving as the best or most perfect example (5)
4Place of entertainment open late (5-4)
5Aircraft (5)
6A beverage made by steeping leaves in water (3)
7More than is needed, desired, or required (5)
8Locks of long hair, especially a woman’s (7)
13Cuspid, incisor, molar (5)
15Honey-making insects (4)
17Omission resulting from failure to notice something (9)
18Someone who collects things that have been discarded by others (9)
19Inspiring admiration or wonder (7)
21(of persons) worthy of confidence (7)
23Small, delicate, and charmingly sprightly, lively, or mischievous (5)
24To express an opinion ( formal ) (5)
25A warning device that produces a loud wailing sound (5)
28A bar that may also serve food (3)