1Unwilling absence from a country enforced by a government or court as a punishment (5)
4Beyond what is considered acceptable, proper, usual, or necessary (9)
9Not important or well-known (7)
10Public transportation (7)
11Remove from memory or existence (5)
13The grooved surface of a pneumatic tire (5)
15Not in good health (3)
16A pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes (3)
17An alarm or warning of danger (5)
19Select by a vote for an office or membership (5)
21To be, especially to be a real, actual, or current thing (5)
23A small jeweled semicircular headdress worn by a woman on formal occasions (5)
24Abbreviation; computer-aided manufacture (3)
25Drink slowly in very small amounts (3)
26A small branch or division of a branch (5)
28Tests (5)
29A feeling or attitude of hostility, unfriendliness, or dislike toward somebody (3,4)
31Something prescribed for a patient that contains no medicine (7)
33To show or illustrate something by being a typical or model example of it (9)
34Release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities (5)


1To declare officially that somebody is not to blame or is not guilty of wrongdoing (9)
2To load software onto a computer (7)
3Large Australian flightless bird (3)
4To make a strenuous physical or mental effort (5)
5Furry animal that purrs and meows (3)
6Get up on feet (5)
7To stimulate somebody to do something, especially creative or artistic work (7)
8Praise somebody or something (5)
12Precise and not allowing for any variation (5)
14Something additional of the same kind (5)
18To write or type something in a book or on a computer (5)
19To make somebody very happy and excited (5)
20A stone that is used to mark a grave (9)
22An instinctive drive or natural tendency (7)
24A hat as an item of high fashion or ceremonial dress ( formal ) (7)
25Make pleasant expression with mouth (5)
26To use or provide hardly enough of something (5)
27A small freshwater fish that has a brightly colored tail, produces live young rather than eggs (5)
30A garland of flowers, especially one worn around the neck in Hawaii (3)
32A vote in favor of a motion (3)

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