1The month following March and preceding May (5)
4A serial on television that deals with the lives of a group of characters, especially in a melodramatic or sentimental way (4 5)
9Relating to or used for the sense of touch (7)
10Brief periods of precipitation (7)
11Put out or expel from a place (5)
13(of language) transparently clear; easily understandable (5)
15Weight equivalent to 2000 pounds (3)
16Make an effort or attempt (3)
17Take something or somebody with oneself somewhere (5)
19Bush (5)
21Small and light boat; pointed at both ends; propelled with a paddle (5)
23Big (5)
24The month following April and preceding June (3)
25Hairy coat of a mammal (3)
26Flower part (5)
28Happen or occur again (5)
29Plants cultivated for their blooms or blossoms (7)
31To prevent somebody or something from leaving an enclosed or limited space such as a prison, room, or bed (7)
33The day immediately before today (9)
34Appeal or request earnestly (5)


1Not counterfeit or copied (9)
2In bad condition, unstable, and likely to collapse (7)
3A Hawaiian flower necklace (3)
4The exterior covering of a bird's egg (5)
5Advertisements (3)
6An egg-shaped object (5)
7A voter in an election (7)
8Malicious burning to destroy property (5)
12Place for eating meals while seated (5)
14Roll of tobacco leaves for smoking (5)
18A narrow stretch of water reaching inland from a sea or lake (5)
19So thin as to transmit light (5)
20A person’s regular male companion in a romantic relationship (9)
22Causing or fraught with or showing anxiety (7)
24A device with moving parts, used to perform a task, especially one that would otherwise be done by hand (7)
25Ten more than forty (5)
26A part that has been broken, torn, or cut from a larger whole (5)
27Blessed with good fortune (5)
30Surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots (3)
32Catch a wink (3)

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