1Held in great esteem for admirable qualities (6)
4/13Holiday to commemorate soldiers who died in war (8,3)
9A sudden outburst of anger (6)
10Clearly obvious to the mind or senses (8)
11Where planes can take off and land (6)
12Plant that is source of digitalis (8)
13See 4
14People in land under single government (6)
17Auburn-haired (7)
21A thread with glittering metal foil attached (6)
25Make an effort (3)
26Rememberings (8)
27Highly reflective surface (6)
28Members of an army (8)
29Humiliating failure (6)
30Balanced proportions (8)
31Remarkably brave people (6)


1Served in the armed forces (8)
2Cover something with a thin sheet of protective material, for example, plastic (8)
3Moves people from one floor to another in a building (8)
5Hire (6)
6Citrus fruit (6)
7Cool container for food (6)
8Cover with soap (6)
12Dads (7)
15Recently made, created, or invented (3)
16A test given to high school students to determine eligibility for admission to a college or university (3)
18Causing disagreement (8)
19Strong coffee made in a special machine (8)
20So good or distinguished as to merit praise and lasting fame (8)
22Makes (somebody) laugh (6)
23A badge or sign that represents a person, group, or organization (6)
24A journey by ship for pleasure (6)
25Intense or overwhelming fear (6)