From "B" To "T"


1A container that is usually woven and has handles (6)
5Pail (6)
10The role of an innocent artless young woman in a play (7)
11Time available for ease and relaxation (7)
12Dusty spiderís web (6)
15A hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide) (6)
16(of handwriting, print, etc.) able to be read (7)
17A device in which something (usually an animal) can be caught (4)
18An impression in a surface (as made by a blow) (4)
19Confined to bed (by illness) (7)
20(superlative of 'good') having the most positive qualities (4)
22Young sheep (4)
25A man whose wife has died (7)
27Armed robber (6)
28Freeing of somebody from anxiety (6)
31Someone who takes vengeance (7)
32To emit, send out, or give out something such as rays (7)
33Sorrowful through loss or deprivation (6)
34A native American tent (6)


2Mathematics using letters as symbols (7)
3Dog boarding place (6)
4Oak or Maple (4)
5Used to hold up pants (4)
6Exclusive group (6)
7Calm and not easily disturbed (7)
8Any large carnivorous wild mammal related to the domestic cat (3,3)
9An order or request ( formal ) (6)
13A performance to raise money for a charitable cause (7)
14Sasquatch (7)
15Painful swelling, especially on the heel (7)
20Small lynx of North America (6)
21Open and genuine; not deceitful (7)
23To make somebody feel anxious, nervous, or disturbed (7)
24A meal at which people serve themselves (6)
25Squirm (6)
26Have a connection with something (6)
29A child, who is regarded as demanding and selfish (4)
30Altered from an originally straight condition (4)