Congratulations Class of 2003!


1To mark a special occasion or day by ceremonies or festivities (9)
6An expression of approval and commendation (5)
9Souvenir (7)
10A state police officer (7)
11A very dark black (5)
13Abbreviation of Doctor of Philosophy (1.4.)
16Possess (3)
17Relating to a city or densely populated area (5)
19Hold firmly and tightly (5)
20Amidst (5)
22Be in accord (5)
23Used to say goodbye ( informal) (3)
24Fostering feelings of pride (5)
26A pointed tool for writing or drawing or engraving (5)
27________ forever (7)
29To insult or offend somebody openly (7)
31Dirty or faded (5)
32Received a diploma or degree after completing a course of study in a school, college, or university (9)


1Remember something ceremonially (11)
2Ridicule with satire (7)
3A decree that prohibits something (3)
4Using an audible speaking voice (5)
5Consume (3)
6A small rounded hill or mound (5)
7Sheepskin (7)
8Term of address for a man (3)
12Relating to somebody’s youth (5)
14A tangible symbol signifying approval or distinction (5)
15Valued somebody or something highly (11)
18Audience’s shout of approval (5)
19Board game (5)
21Enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause) (7)
23Refuse to sponsor; refuse to do business with (7)
24One cent (5)
25Performed play (5)
27An interest followed with exaggerated zeal (3)
28Droop (3)
30Widespread viral illness (3)