"P" to "L"


1Writing implement (6)
5Having a pale soft color (6)
10Dull because lacking in character and lively qualities (7)
11Somebody who has reached an advanced age ( informal ) (7)
12Adjust the pitches of (musical instruments) (4,2)
15Repressed or stifled rather than being released or freely expressed (4-2)
16Ground or a piece of land seen in terms of its surface features or general physical character (7)
17Deliberately said something untrue (4)
18The rind of a fruit or vegetable (4)
19A braid or bunch of hair, often worn in pairs (7)
20Ringing of bells (4)
22As soon as possible (4)
25Watchful and protective about something (7)
27A cotton fabric with a satiny finish (6)
28Lasting for an extended period of time (6)
31Partial or total loss of memory (7)
32Site of the Grand Canyon (7)
33To guard or protect a place by moving regularly around it and watching it (6)
34A person you come to know by frequent friendly correspondence (3,3)


2A concentrated plant extract containing its unique flavor and fragrance (7)
3To withdraw from an activity because of lack of nerve or inclination ( slang ) (3 3)
4Polite dignified woman (4)
5Ball and cue game (4)
6Make or become sad (6)
7Grant somebody right (7)
8Female reproductive plant part (6)
9To move or push somebody or something forward (6)
13Large water bird with pouched beak (7)
14A crisp salted knot-shaped or stick-shaped biscuit (7)
15Arousing or deserving pity or compassion (7)
20Of or relating to the system for delivering mail (6)
21Device for sending and receiving radio waves (7)
23The usual Italian form of title or address for a married or older woman (7)
24A Web site that provides links to information and other Web sites (6)
25Someone who bans content considered to be offensive or a threat to security (6)
26Liquid skin cream (6)
29Bucket (4)
30Device that produces electric light (4)

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