by Sondra Derby


1(informal) luxuriously elegant (5)
4Point out real or perceived flaws (9)
9A small bouquet worn on the bodice of a dress (7)
10The initial ascent of a rocket from its launching pad (4 3)
11Sorrow (5)
13Baked dough topped with cheese (5)
15A hotel for travelers (3)
16Water frozen in the solid state (3)
17Songbird with a reddish breast (5)
19Excessively fat (5)
21A hot glowing or smouldering coal (5)
23_____, Franz (1811-1886), Hungarian-born pianist and composer (5)
24The upper part of anything (3)
25Pelt (3)
26Fad: a fashion that is extremely popular for a short time (5)
28A punctuation mark (5)
29React or make react with oxygen (7)
31The art of folding paper to make figures and shapes (7)
33Use cautiously and frugally (9)
34A strong yellow color (5)


1Identify somebody or something seen before (9)
2Ant-like social insect that feeds on wood (7)
3An affirmative (3)
4Relatively low in price (5)
5Not in good physical or mental health (3)
6(in writing) see below (5)
7Hero-worship (7)
8Like, characteristic of, or associated with elves (5)
12An angry or indignant public reaction to something (5)
14Separate areas with a particular function (5)
18Strong lightweight wood (5)
19Relating to or using sight (5)
20To stress, single out as important (9)
22(Mexico) a flour tortilla folded around a filling (7)
24Kettledrum (7)
25Turned liquid to solid through cold (5)
26A coarse twilled cotton fabric used for uniforms (5)
27Leave secretly to get married (5)
30___ Whitney was the inventor of the cotton gin (3)
32A belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school (3)

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