A Fish Story


1Computer-animated underwater adventure, "Finding ____" (4)
3(military) signal to turn the lights out (4)
6____ is the Pelican in "Finding Nemo" (5)
10Self-service restaurant (9)
11Make ends turn in opposite directions (5)
12Creatures, beasts, wildlife (7)
13A cutting instrument (5)
14Not working or in use (4)
16______ embarks on a dangerous trek to find Nemo (6)
18Green vegetable (3)
21(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous (3)
22Makes a great effort at a mental or physical task (6)
23Large sweet juicy hybrid between tangerine and grapefruit (4)
26A short intense burst of energy (5)
28Largest anthropoid ape (7)
30A small lump of grass and earth accidentally dug out of the ground while playing a sport, especially golf (5)
31A jar of mixed flower petals and spices used as perfume (9)
32Marine organism (5)
33____ is the friendly-but-forgetful fish in "Finding Nemo" (4)
34An administrator in charge of a division of a university or college (4)


1Smooth-skinned variety or mutation of the peach (9)
2An expert on Islamic religious law (5)
4Atmosphere and outer space (9)
5Bruce is a Great White _____ in "Finding Nemo" (5)
6Nourishing substance (8)
7Rodent kept as pet (6,3)
8Egyptian water lily (5)
9Cut of beef (5)
15A round candy with hole in the middle (9)
17A party to a lawsuit (9)
19The making of movies by filming a sequence of drawings so that they appear to move (9)
20A statement that refutes the truth or accuracy of another statement (8)
24Earlier in time (5)
25Member of an army medical corps (5)
27Lukewarm (5)
29Big (5)