E to T


1Eject material such as lava (5)
4Something done to achieve an aim quickly (9)
9Activates the firing mechanism of a gun (7)
10Help develop, help grow (7)
11Leave secretly to get married (5)
13Now (5)
15Climbing plant (3)
16A hotel for travelers (3)
17Having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude (5)
19Make a great effort at a mental or physical task (5)
21Understood or implied without being stated openly (5)
23Call forth; of emotions, feelings, and responses (5)
24Final part (3)
25A grassy field or meadow ( literary ) (3)
26One tenth of somebody’s income paid voluntarily for the support of a church (5)
28Not stable and likely to fall over (5)
29Lived and had a home in a particular place ( literary ) (7)
31To make better in quality or more valuable (7)
33Tools, apparatus, gear (9)
34Adjust garment for better fit (5)


1Somebody who holds radical political or religious beliefs (9)
2Mythical one-horned horse (7)
3Label (3)
4Heron with long ornamental feathers (5)
5Cooking pot (3)
6Horserace at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky (5)
7Not easily called to mind or memory (7)
8Very small (5)
12Make something law (5)
14Repeat an action (5)
18Something that happens at a given place and time (5)
19Put out or expel from a place (5)
20A furry stuffed toy (5,4)
22Country house (or castle) in France (7)
24To use or develop something in order to gain a benefit (7)
25A hall or other meeting place used by a branch of a society (5)
26Spring flower (5)
27Force to move out (5)
30Female deer (3)
32Green vegetable (3)