Remembering Dad


9Euphoric (5)
10Faculty member (9)
11Acquaintances (7)
12Male parents (7)
13The sounds produced by singers or instruments (5)
15An informal term for a father (3)
16Glide over snow (3)
17An informal term for a father (3)
19Capital of Georgia (7)
20A young person of either sex (between birth and puberty) (3)
23Important timber or shade tree (3)
24Makes honey (3)
25An informal term for a father (5)
27A person who comes to see you (7)
29The cumulative stake in a game (such as poker) (7)
32Exceedingly or unbelievably great (9)
33Prevent the occurrence of; prevent from happening (5)


1A professional cook (4)
2Pampers (6)
3A song of praise (4)
4Musical composition (4)
5A feeling of trust (in someone or something) (10)
6The amount that is owed (4)
7A star-shaped character used in printing (8)
8Worthy of trust or belief (6)
13Used for cleaning floors (3)
14An assertion that something is true or factual (5)
15By conscious design or purpose (10)
16Characterized by dignity and propriety (5)
18Easy to get along with; friendly (8)
21Twenty-four hours (3)
22Give new life to; enliven; animate (6)
26Marked by smartness in dress and manners (6)
28Squad (4)
29A person trained to compete in sports (4)
30A boy or man (4)
31Carryall (4)