1To suffer something undesirable such as another person's anger or a financial loss (5)
4Persistent in maintaining or demanding something (9)
9To use up or reduce something such as supplies, resources, or energy (7)
10Something that can be seen or heard or whose presence can be felt, but that is not physically present (7)
11Bundle of electrical wires (5)
13Turn in a twisting or spinning motion (5)
15Gone by; or in the past (3)
16Water frozen in the solid state (3)
17Refers to many various types of small boats (5)
19_____-frutti (5)
21Dapper: neat and fashionable in appearance or dress (5)
23To walk in a stiff or proud way that suggests arrogance or pomposity (5)
24A hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers (3)
25Fish eggs (3)
26Place in a grave or tomb (5)
28A medical practitioner in the armed forces (5)
29To be someone's property: This book________to Sarah (7)
31To avoid doing something or hold yourself back from doing something (7)
33The act of putting something into something else (9)
34Irritatingly silly or time-wasting (5)


1A formal entry into an organization or position or office (9)
2Good at a particular task or job or at a number of different things (7)
3The seed of the cereal grass (3)
4Generally incompetent and ineffectual (5)
5Drink slowly in very small amounts (3)
6Crawling organism with shell (5)
7To pull something out, often using force (7)
8(music) the speed at which a composition is to be played (5)
12Short nonfiction prose piece (5)
14Conclude something from reasoning (5)
18To insert something into a larger thing, e.g. a gem in a ring or a small map in the corner of a larger map (5)
19Among some Native North American peoples, a tall wooden pole carved (5)
20The state of not being guilty of a crime or offense (9)
22Latticework used to support climbing plants (7)
24Hoosier State (7)
25Spiritual leader of a Jewish congregation (5)
26Located near or closer to the center of something (5)
27A program that is broadcast again (5)
30Narrow wood or metal or plastic runners used in pairs for gliding over snow (3)
32Federal Bureau of Investigation (3)

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