Ending with "ET"


1A meal at which people serve themselves from various dishes set out on a serving counter or table (6)
5A small model of a person or animal with parts of the body that are moved with strings (6)
10Flooring consisting of blocks of wood laid in a decorative pattern (7)
11Used for erasing marks made by pencil or chalk. (7)
12A solid lump of a precious metal (especially gold) (6)
15Widespread fame or honor (6)
16One of three offspring born at the same time (7)
17Very short skirt worn by ballerinas (4)
18To come upon by chance or arrangement (4)
19Mimic somebody (7)
20Hard white fat, used in making puddings, pastry, etc. (4)
22Two performers or singers who perform together (4)
25In a state of nervousness, tension or excitement ( informal ) (5 2)
27A piece of paper or card on which somebody can record a vote (6)
28Alcoholic beverage (6)
31The distance within which sound is audible to somebody, within _______ (7)
32Accept as true; take to be true (7)
33Feel remorse for; feel sorry for; be contrite about (6)
34A small tower extending above a building (6)


2In a vertical position (7)
3Water valve (6)
4To carry or haul something, especially something heavy (4)
5Writer of poems (4)
6An astronomical object that orbits a star (6)
7An offensively ugly building or place (7)
8A small and compactly built upright piano (6)
9A worldwide system that uses the Internet and other networks to distribute articles of news or information (6)
13Brass instrument (7)
14Descriptive word added to name (7)
15Offering or giving rest, peaceful and quiet (7)
20To rent (property one holds by lease) to another (6)
21Make larger (7)
23A small guitar having four strings (7)
24A reference point to shoot at (6)
25Describes food that has been prepared so that it is fit and suitable under Jewish law (6)
26A vertical column that is part of a building (6)
29To restore, or direct somebody to restore, something that has previously been deleted from a printed or written text (4)
30Assist or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing (4)

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