Mixed Bag


1Any sweet, pleasing, or harmonious sounds or sound (5)
4To engage a person or audience by providing amusing or interesting material (9)
9Provide commentary for a film, for example (7)
10(used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm (7)
11Having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude (5)
13Annoy persistently (5)
15A hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers (3)
16A large pot for making coffee or tea (3)
17A piece of furniture (5)
19Comical (5)
21Support for an artist's canvas (5)
23Desire strongly or persistently (5)
24Car fuel (3)
25The sound made by a pigeon (3)
26A structure used for habitation by people (5)
28The act of lifting something with great effort (5)
29Watch attentively (7)
31Not carrying or using weapons (7)
33Charge an extra fee, as for a special service (9)
34Before the usual time or the time expected (5)


1Being on a very small scale (9)
2A physician who specializes in surgery (7)
3Certified public accountant (3)
4An organized occasion such as a social function or sports competition (5)
5A viscous organic black liquid (3)
6A long narrow range of hills (5)
7Sale by bidding (7)
8A synthetic fabric (5)
12The whole amount (5)
14A playing field where sports events take place (5)
18A swampy arm or slow-moving outlet of a lake (term used mainly in Mississippi and Louisiana) (5)
19Small songbird (5)
20The day immediately before today (9)
22Radio or television advertiser (7)
24The system of rules by which words are formed and put together to make sentences (7)
25Cuts something into pieces with downward strokes of an ax (5)
26Unpleasantly stern (5)
27Release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities (5)
30To make a mistake or be incorrect (3)
32An overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration (3)

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