Talkin' Broadway
by Sondra Derby


1Where you live (4)
3Theatre's most coveted award (4)
6Protrusions (5)
10Strong natural impulses (9)
11An edible marine mollusk (5)
12Used as a sweetening agent (7)
13Iron pointed at both ends (7)
14Play on Broadway (4)
16Ideally perfect state (6)
18A long thin fluffy scarf of feathers (3)
21Any of numerous evergreen trees or shrubs (3)
22Acquires or gains knowledge or skills (6)
23A man who is the lover of a girl or young woman (4)
25Movie or play with songs (7)
27Place for plays (7)
29Intends to express or convey (5)
30Work out mathematically (9)
31Mix up or confuse (5)
32Broadway show _____ King (4)
33The actors in a play (4)


1________ wins eight Tony awards, including best musical (9)
2The sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (5)
4Main floor in a theater (9)
5Affirmatives (5)
6Main thoroughfare of New York's theater district (8)
7Worth remembering (9)
8A warning signal that is a loud wailing sound (5)
9A piece of turf dug out of a fairway (5)
15Booth where newspapers and magazines are sold (9)
17Strict observance of formalities (9)
19A feeling of delight at being entertained (9)
20Semiformal evening dress for men (5,3)
24Musical variety show (5)
25Broadway musical _____ Mia! (5)
26In nearby area (5)
28Jewelled headdress (5)