America's 'four freedoms'


1Freedom from ____ (4)
3Recognize with gratitude; be grateful for (10)
10Go back to, revert (7)
11Somebody who is skeptical or unsure about something (7)
12Purely imaginary thing, a _______ of her imagination (7)
13Best of several outcomes (7)
15A mutual promise to marry (5)
16Characterized by intense emotion (5)
18Brewed beverage (3)
19The sense organ for hearing (3)
21Figure out (5)
22Used to say goodbye (5)
24Call in an official matter, such as to attend court (7)
26Heated cooking surface (7)
27Freedom to _________ (7)
28Walkway, promenade, porch, veranda, patio (7)
29A custom, ritual, or ceremony (10)
30Freedom from ____ (4)


1Members of an earlier generation from whom traditions, values, or ideas have been inherited (11)
2(music) in a quick and lively tempo (7)
4Existing in great number or quantity (9)
5An exhibition of cowboy skills (5)
6The nation or state where somebody was born or is a citizen (7)
7Try to do something (7)
8To make a mistake or be incorrect (3)
9Freedom of ______ (6)
14Dimension, size, extent, quantity (11)
17Displaying great vigor or force (9)
20Comments (7)
21Overwhelm with affection (7)
22Bird sanctuary (6)
23Hoosier State (7)
25A shade of brown with a tinge of red (5)
27Make amorous advances towards (3)